Aktana Decision Support

Bring true personalization to your customer engagement efforts.

Aktana Decision Support is a suite of products that uses AI to help life sciences commercial teams make data-driven decisions for more effective, personalized customer engagement. Rather than set and deploy strategies at discrete times throughout the year, brand teams can develop agile go-to-market strategies that adapt and improve over time. With every new data point, Aktana Decision Support intelligently guides sales and marketing teams to coordinate a better experience for customers across channels.

Improve the customer experience

Create a personalized and consistent experience for each customer, delivering only what’s relevant, and when, through their preferred channel.

Unlock the value of your investments

Unite digital channels, data purchases, and analytics capabilities to increase utilization and return on investment (ROI).

Drive increased sales

Increase revenue by helping commercial teams make the most of their time for the biggest business impact.

“We’re delivering customer-specific next steps instead of handing reps a big set of data and asking them to figure out how to run the business.”

- Ryan McGinnis Eli Lilly and Company
The three products of Aktana Decision Support provide a framework for intelligent go-to-market strategy and execution.
Aktana Action

Aligns sales and marketing by transforming brand strategy into suggestions and insights for the field and delivering them directly through their CRM system.

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Accelerates desired results by offering greater visibility into how different variables affect performance, allowing for easy adjustments to game plans.

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Aktana Fusion

Creates cohesion across multiple sources of AI to provide clear guidance to commercial teams.

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What makes Aktana Decision Support unique?
Seamless integration

Integrates into your existing workflows, technology, and data infrastructure to deliver a streamlined experience and amplify the value of your essential tools.

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Built-in AI

Uses proprietary AI to strengthen customer relationships, maximize user adoption, and incorporate third-party analytic models into the decision-making process.

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Agile process

Starts with existing brand strategy and facilitates iterative improvement, allowing brand teams to continuously learn and enhance strategy and execution, while accounting for evolving conditions.

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Point-and-click configurability

Provides transparent configuration of suggestions and insights without custom building or back-end coding.

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Collaborating Around the Customer
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Customer Success
Aktana’s customers have proven results

A top global pharma company used Aktana to empower reps to send 23x more Veeva CRM Approved Emails. View the case study to learn how they used suggestions and insights to create a better HCP customer experience.

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