Break down analytics silos and take action on all your AI.

Aktana Fusion brings together best-in-class AI and makes it actionable. Accounting for context, existing priorities, and real-time data, Aktana Fusion resolves potentially conflicting insights to provide clear guidance to commercial teams directly in Aktana Action.

Take advantage of best-in-class AI

Incorporate analytics outputs from in-house teams and AI models from partner platforms into Aktana Action for smarter go-to-market execution.

Harmonize impact on execution

Create cohesion between multiple AI sources, cutting through complexity to make priorities readily available and actionable.

Ensure action on AI

Suggestions and insights are curated to “feel right” to sales and marketing decision-makers, reflecting both brand strategy and user behavior.

“Instead of having reps spend time merging data from different sources to find correlations, we can remove the burden of that work and provide them a short list of actionable items to focus on.”

- Director of Innovative Technologies Top Pharmaceutical Company
Open infrastructure model

Hosts your in-house AI models of choice within Aktana’s cloud infrastructure and also offers predefined APIs for easy integration of partner models.

Actionable AI

Prioritizes and aligns AI insights according to brand strategy and context, while making them actionable for commercial teams through Aktana Action.

Flexible AI format options

Accommodates a wide range of AI insights and formats to meet business requirements, including priority scores, micro-segments, and raw predictive probabilities.

Business logic foundation

Utilizes Aktana Action’s underlying logic to set realistic guard rails on the outputs of complex AI models, increasing usefulness and preventing unexpected or conflicting results.

AI for a Better Customer Experience
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