Anticipate your impact and refine your brand strategy.

Aktana Vision provides unprecedented line of sight into the impact of variations on brand strategy and execution. By analyzing complex patterns in vast datasets using AI built specifically for the life sciences industry, Aktana Vision highlights the optimal path to results and makes it easy to take action on strategy.

Improve continuously

Instead of waiting for sales results, prescription (Rx) data, or POA (plan-of-action) cycles to evolve brand strategy, you can learn how different variables affect performance and make micro-adjustments more frequently.

Realize results faster

Machine learning models sift through a remarkable amount of data so you can pinpoint the fastest way to desired results and seamlessly execute your honed strategy.

Personalize at scale

Achieve true 1:1 personalization at scale with healthcare professionals (HCPs), making every touchpoint relevant and impactful.

“Aktana enables the right balance of human oversight and artificial intelligence for relevant, personalized engagement with healthcare professionals.”

- Karim Kovacevic Top Pharmaceutical Company
Message sequence optimization

Dynamically generates a sequence of messages most likely to elicit a positive response from the HCP, like an email click or event registration.

Machine learning model simulation

Simulates model performance and visualizes anticipated outcomes prior to deployment, allowing micro-adjustments to strategy and content for the biggest brand impact.

Agile marketing

Starts with your existing brand strategy and does automatic A/B testing to immediately learn how to best refine and adapt strategy.

AI made actionable

Brand teams ultimately decide which AI output to accept, and then it’s automatically incorporated into Aktana Action so reps can act on an AI-informed strategy.

Continuous machine learning

Gathers real-time feeds across data sources and learns from usage to improve accuracy of models over time.

Configurable AI models

Requires no coding with transparent, point-and-click configuration of machine learning models.

Balance of oversight and automation

Automates crunching of enormous sets of data, while empowering users to set constraints or override the model’s output.

Best time to engage prediction

Listens to interactions across channels and predicts when the rep should engage with an HCP and how much time should elapse before the next interaction for maximum impact.

AI-assisted Approach to Brand Strategy
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